Dr. Salman saleh Eldahlan

  • PhD in Economics from the United Kingdom, and a Master’s in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in the USA.
    Associate Professor of Economics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr. Salman has extensive experience in the economic and trade polices field.
  • Membership of the Western Economic Society – 2012
  • Dr. Salman has many research and scientific studies in the economic and social fields
    and strategic planning.
  • Dr. Salman also served as a referee for numerous academic papers in the field of foreign trade and economic development.
    planning and feasibility studies.
  • Lectured in many conferences and courses for international financial institutions (banks) to support
    development projects.
  • Dr. Salman has a proven track record of researches in the field of productive projects, government and private investment
    in the Saudi economy, and analyzes of global economic crises.
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