The gulf consultant Appointed by Emirates Glass Companies on Anti- Dumping Proceedings

The Gulf Consultant’s office is honored to have been entrusted by the UAE Glass Factory to initiate anti-dumping investigation procedures in front of the UAE Ministry of Economy against the inundated imports from Iran, India, China, and Pakistan, which have caused and continue to cause harm to the promising and distinguished UAE glass industry.

It’s worth mentioning that the UAE Glass Factory produces Emirati glass products, including flat glass and tinted or non-tinted glass. They have recently noticed a decline in their production and economic indicators, such as sales, cash flow, and profits, due to the influx of extremely low-priced imports from China, Iran, India, and Pakistan. This situation has led the Gulf industry to seek the expertise of the Gulf Consultant for necessary consultations and to file a complaint against these harmful imports in accordance with UAE law and its implementing regulations.

This reaffirms the confidence of the UAE industry in the expertise and reputation of the Gulf Consultant in the field of anti-dumping and protection against harmful practices in international trade. The Gulf Consultant has a strong track record, both regionally and internationally, in safeguarding local industries from harmful imports. This trust is particularly evident under the leadership of Mr. Rehan Mubarak Fayez, the former Director-General of the Gulf Anti-Dumping Investigation Authority (Technical Secretariat for the Protection against Harmful Practices in International Trade at the Gulf Cooperation Council).

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