Trade remedies

Trade remedies instruments are an extensively used trade policy tool to protect domestic manufacturing industries against unfair and injuries practices in international trade specially related to injuries competition of imports by imposing: This is achieved through imposing measures:

Since this type of investigations requires special technical and accounting expertise, it requires specific types of economic analyses and particular methods according to the requirements and conditions of each industry individually in terms of aspects of damage, and according to the procedures and conditions of both the international agreement of the World Trade Organization, the national law, and practices of various investigative authorities.

the gulf consultant for consultancy& training possesses a distinguished group of lawyers and experts (economists, and accountants) with over 20 years of experience in this type of investigations and related reviews. In addition to providing the appropriate strategy, technical and legal support in counter-cases on exports to assist in requests based on documented data and complex economic analyses to support your case.

Our team of trade remedies experts is known for advanced knowledge and experience, with a remarkable record of achievements in the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East, and North Africa. This enables them to uniquely handle the most challenging and complex matters. Their technical ability in calculations and complex economic analyses, which underpin trade remedies, translates into exceptional gains and results on behalf of many industries, exporters, and importers (in sectors like aluminum, reinforced steel, textile industries, and others), achieving gains and protections for investments. This makes understanding your options easier and aids in planning to achieve your goals.

Our deep understanding of the rules of the World Trade Organization laws, coupled with our experience and leadership in trade remedies practices, grants us a comprehensive approach in offering the following services specifically in trade treatment issues:

For consultation requests or if your company is facing a complaint concerning any of the issues mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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